We tried our best to create a super simple app, but if you still have questions, here's some answers!

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Getting started

What is mapstr?

Mapstr is the first mobile application for users to:

Mapstr is the app that helps people save their favorite places all around the world on a digital map.

On mapstr, users can discover their friends’ maps and find city guides from their influencers, brands or media.

Mapstr's mapStore is the first kiosk of digital maps ever created. In mapStore, you will find a multitude of maps carefully made by our partners. Some are free, others for a fee, but above all we promise you quality maps made by experts in their respective fields.

Download the app

Mapstr is available on the App Store and the Play Store. The app is totally free to download, without any ads, and we don't sell any data (See our privacy policy).

‎Mapstr - The Map of Your World

Mapstr - Apps on Google Play

We also have a web version for if you prefer to use mapstr on your desktop.